Jamenda McCoy: Fashion Mogul for Pregnant Women

by LP Green, II

When Jamenda McCoy, lawyer, wife, and mother was pregnant with her children she found it difficult to find maternity clothing. This sparked an idea in her to start a boutique that caters to pregnant women. Now five years later, this idea has turned into a profitable business on the south side of Chicago.

Ms. McCoy was once a lawyer and knew that she wanted to be a lawyer since the age of five years old. She strives for nothing but excellence with a Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Missouri, and a J. D. from Northwestern University School of Law. Until Ms. McCoy was able to build her brand and business, she juggled two full time jobs with her duties as a wife and a mother.

After Belle Up was established, Ms. McCoy left the legal life and never looked back. However, her success could be credited to her legal background due to her determination to find an answer to the lack of substantial maternity clothing. Filled with concern for her business and customers, Jamenda has expanded her boutique to contemporary women and children’s clothing, accessories, and home décor.

Not living in the Chicago area does not limit you to the works and styles of Jamenda McCoy. Belle Up has a full shopping website, included with a blog catered to women. There are articles that range from women’s health and the beauty of motherhood, to relationship advice from Dr. Quinn. Belle Up is not just a shopping experience but a life experience.


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