Insperity: Honoring Our Colleague and Friend, Dr. Eli Jones

by Savoy Staff

Dr. Eli Jones, Professor of Marketing & Lowry and Peggy Mays Eminent Scholar, Texas A&M University

In our lifetimes, we encounter a few exceptional people whose character and influence raises everyone around them. Today, we celebrate one such individual, our good friend and trusted board member, Dr. Eli Jones, who truly
is an inspiring leader. We applaud his nomination as a Most Influential Black Corporate Director of 2021.

We are so grateful and proud of our association with him. He is a dedicated educator, an innovative business leader, and a guiding member of the Insperity board of directors. He has a passion for, and a personal devotion
to, helping businesses succeed.

During the more than 12 years he has served on the Insperity board of directors, Dr. Jones has influenced the achievement of our mission, “to help businesses succeed so communities prosper.” Our client companies reside
in communities throughout the nation. As they succeed, employment expands, employees and their families thrive, and their communities prosper.

Dr. Jones is a man of honor and integrity, a master of business fundamentals and strategy. His innovative thinking, business acumen, and professional leadership offer a priceless competitive advantage. He has the courage to question when further thought is needed and the vision to embrace new ideas early.

He is gifted in his ability to articulate and apply sound business principles. Eli enthusiastically supports both the Insperity enterprise and its stakeholders’ interests. His unique combination of academic and operating experience make him a powerful force. He is a champion for our clients, a careful steward of our resources, and an advocate for our employees. His long-proven
understanding of marketing and sales excellence have contributed to Insperity’s industry-leading growth year-over-year.

Eli and Insperity share a deep commitment to people of all races, creeds, cultures, and circumstances, making him an invaluable and sustaining asset to our company. He is a powerful influence upon Insperity ideals and standards of equity, fairness, and respect for all people.

He is a refining voice of our internal policies that are today a model of dignity, opportunity, and respect for the contributions of every employee. He has helped us maintain our focus on shared strengths and the power of common purposes, which tie us together.

Eli also helps us interpret the social issues of our day with wisdom and willingness to counsel. His personal and professional values inform and align Insperity’s foundational philosophy, “Taking care of our people.” He helps us understand the dynamics of the business environment and the many challenges facing Insperity and our client business leaders.

Importantly, he believes in the dignity and development of our most valuable resource – our people. At Insperity, we value each employee for their potential to change the company for the better. We rely upon diversity of life experience, cultural insights, and business inputs to win in the marketplace.

We hire great people from diverse backgrounds and broad experience who expand our understanding of markets and customers.

Then we listen to their observations of our markets, customers, and products through diverse lenses. Eli presses our agenda of valuing every employee, eliminating barriers, and nurturing productive and transparent communication.

Insperity’s full spectrum of HR services include end-to-end HR management systems, regulatory compliance support, time reporting management, payroll functions, and recruiting, among many others. Our products and services clear the way for business leaders to focus on what is most important in their businesses. They also allow small businesses to offer access to benefit options that rival those of much larger companies, giving them a leg up in competitive recruiting situations.

On behalf of his many friends in the Insperity family, we congratulate one of the genuine and great ones – Dr. Eli Jones!

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