HyattDiversity and Inclusion: Making the Mix Work
Diversity & Inclusion are a vital part of creating a vibrant business. You can’t meet success unless there’s both.

“Diversity without inclusion leads to conflict. Inclusion without diversity may create harmony, but since everyone is alike, the organization will not be able to reach its full creative or innovative potential,” notes Tyronne Stoudemire, Hyatt’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Vice President. “Inclusion creates a work environment in which all employees feel valued because of the different attributes they bring. Therefore, they are motivated and have opportunities to contribute their fullest towards business goals. Focusing on both Diversity & Inclusion will help Hyatt have a business advantage.”

Part of the Mix: Diversity Business Resource Groups (DBRGs) & Diversity Councils
A key part of Hyatt’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts has been the establishment of diversity business resource groups. These groups are instrumental in “making the mix work,” including:
• Providing a forum for associates to share career interests and experiences that will promote career growth and satisfaction while working.
• Promoting appreciation and respect for Diversity & Inclusion thus creating a comfortable and safe work environment.
• Providing professional development opportunities, mentoring and networking.
• Generating an environment that welcomes, leverages and enhances the experience and skills of colleagues.
Singing in Three-Part Harmony: Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace
The Diversity & Inclusion team, led by Tyronne, has a strategy to build and sustain a culture where everyone is embraced and valued for who they are so they can be their best. “Diversity and inclusion significantly enhances the way we care for our guests and colleagues,” said Tyronne. “We value and encourage diverse viewpoints and leverage them to guide and outperform the competition.”

The strategy is anchored by this belief statement: We believe the more globally inclusive we are in terms of culture, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, people with disabilities, veteran status, citizenship status or any other population segments or diverse perspectives, and styles of thinking, the stronger, more culturally invested and valued Hyatt will be globally. And it centers around three pillars – our workforce, our workplace and the marketplace. Here’s what’s in focus for each:

Our Workforce:
Recruit, retain and develop high performing, talented and engaged people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Our Workplace:
Educate, advocate and communicate in order to foster an inclusive, engaging culture and work environment so everyone can thrive and strive.

The Marketplace:
Be the preferred global brand in markets we serve by building valued partnerships with our diverse customers, suppliers, investors, shareholders, and developers.

The Key to Making the Mix Work

The key to making the mix work comes down to a concept that Hyatt is wholly familiar with and already embraces: Empathy. Listening and seeing from others’ perspectives is a transformational component to celebrating diversity and inclusion, especially when combined with knowing and accepting one’s own culture.

The way this manifests in D&I is called “cross-cultural competence,” which is the ability to discern and take into account one’s own and others’ world views to be able to seize opportunities, make decisions and resolve conflicts in ways that optimize cultural differences for better, longer lasting and more creative solutions.

To increase cross-cultural competence – on both a company-wide and individual level – it begins with understanding their own culture and being aware of the importance of cultural competence. Part of this journey means gaining awareness through learning opportunities. This platform provides Hyatt the global competitive advantage.

“I’m very passionate and direct about building diversity & inclusion in our workplace, workforce and marketplace. Diversity and inclusion isn’t only the right thing to do… It’s the smart thing to do,” said Mark Hoplamazian, President and CEO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. “Better ideas come together faster with diverse teams – and, in turn, that creates powerful innovation, keeps us at the leading edge of our industry.”

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