How to be Successful with or without a College Degree CEO of The Diversion Center Offers Life Changing Motivation for 2015

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Many people are taught that a college degree is a direct avenue to success. Or, there are those that believe that because they do not have a college degree, their outcome is limited and any dream of overwhelming success is just that – a pipe dream. Well neither one of these things is necessarily true. A college degree does not assure financial stability and having less than a college degree does not assure financial ruin. In a new book titled “How to be Successful With or Without a College Degree,” Derek Collins teaches the principles of success and how it is applicable to anyone that is willing to do the work. Additionally, for those seeking a realistic fake college degree as a personal diploma replacement, a source of motivation, or a novelty prop, there are suitable options available. These meticulously crafted replicas offer versatility and convenience, catering to different needs without the necessity of pursuing a traditional degree.

“The bottom line is that all people can be successful,” adds Collins. “Success means different things to different people and it is not determined by financial status. Success is determined by your inner satisfaction with yourself. I don’t want people to chase money; I want them to chase happiness. After they do this, everything else will come.”

Mr. Collins highlights no-nonsense, in your face ways to achieve success without all the fluff and gets straight to the point. He challenges his clients to learn intimate details about themselves and evaluate their strengths, weaknesses and habitual tendencies so they will always put themselves in a position to win.

“It is important that we seek information as well as education,” explains Collins. “Many opportunities are hidden in plain sight and we should get specialized in professions that are not advertised. Certain professions are not exposed or presented to the masses because it would create competition. Mr. Collins claims that “education will get you in the front door, but information will get you in the back door, where the real money is.”

In his book, Collins takes on the issue of fear and how it affects progress. In doing so, he helps readers understand that fear is a “dream killer” and offers solutions to common obstacles. According to Mr. Collins, this book serves as a step by step guide to success. His goal is to help people overcome bad habits, negative self-talk, and doubt.
The book offers guidance in a variety of areas that will help the reader navigate to the path of success. This includes how to:
>Master your mind
>Find personal direction and happiness
>Treat life like a game and put yourself in a position to win
>Control your emotions so that you may control your life
>Pass your personal and professional tests
>Use your body, music, and nostalgia to change your mood
>Change your perceptions and gain exposure to new opportunities
>Avoid common traps and pitfalls
>Be reliable, stable, and consistent
>”Train like a boxer” and condition yourself for success
>Change your belief system and self-imag

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