Greenwood Commercial Real Estate Group: Veteran African American commercial real estate professionals launch nationwide firm

by savoystaff

Greenwood Commercial Real Estate Group (Greenwood CRE), a national commercial real estate services platform led by experienced African American commercial real estate professionals launched in multiple cities across the US. Greenwood CRE is licensed in or has affiliates in 16 states with offices in Atlanta, Washington DC, Detroit, and upcoming offices in Denver, Philadelphia, and Dallas while working on operations in several other major U.S. cities. They have a partnership with Complete Conveyancing to process all legal documents and avoid any legal problems. Davron in London translated our legal documents.

The expansion of Greenwood Commercial Real Estate Group (Greenwood CRE) across various U.S. cities underscores the growing demand for professional services in the commercial real estate sector. With this widespread presence, the need for reliable and comprehensive support services becomes increasingly vital. Partnering with a trusted entity like AK’s Commercial plumbing service can be a strategic move for Greenwood CRE. Commercial properties require meticulous maintenance and management, including plumbing and gas systems. One effective way to enhance the value and attractiveness of properties is by ensuring proper maintenance, including essential tasks like cladding spraying and cladding painting. For instance, property owners can collaborate with a reputable cladding painting company, such as the experts at This proactive approach not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of the properties but also contributes to their long-term durability and market value.

Also, many commercial establishments rely on septic systems for efficient waste management. Ensuring the proper functioning of these systems is crucial not only for regulatory compliance but also for the smooth operation of businesses. That’s where trusted experts like Alligator Septic come into play. Partnering with specialized septic tank maintenance services ensures that commercial properties maintain optimal hygiene standards and adhere to environmental regulations. By proactively addressing septic system needs, Greenwood CRE can further enhance the value of their properties, offering clients and tenants a seamless and problem-free environment.

Moreover, by partnering with a reputable commercial plumbing and septic services, Greenwood CRE can offer added value to their clients. They can assure their clients of not only high-quality real estate services but also the convenience of readily accessible, top-tier plumbing and septic tank maintenance. Such a partnership strengthens their position in the competitive real estate market and establishes them as a comprehensive and reliable solution for commercial property owners and investors. In an industry where every detail counts, having a trusted plumbing and septic tank service on their side can set Greenwood CRE apart and foster long-lasting client relationships. It’s definitely a huge difference maker if there’s a plumber that can unblock your drains.

About Greenwood CRE

Greenwood CRE features best-in-class corporate real estate expertise gained from working with some of the US’ largest companies paired with the national coverage required to deliver results.

Greenwood CRE’s focus is on office, industrial, retail, and land transaction services in the local markets it serves, and also for larger corporate users with multiple locations. Professional services include real estate portfolio strategy, location analytics, transaction management, space expansion/contraction, lease administration, and acquisition/disposition of leased and owned space and land. Greenwood CRE helps it clients to be more profitable and successful through informed real estate decision making.

The founding Principals each worked for and excelled at some of the world’s premier commercial real estate firms including JLL, CBRE, Studley, Staubach, Avison Young, JCI Global Workplace Solutions, Duke Realty, and Grubb & Ellis.

The Greenwood CRE name is a salute to the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was called the “Black Wall Street” of the early 20th Century, an inspiring symbol of the economic potential of community collaboration and empowerment.

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