Grammy Award Winner Ne-Yo Returns with New Album and Brand Partnership with Lincoln Motor Company

by Edward Cates

Ne-Yo is a prolific songwriter, singer, dancer and actor who shares his gifts in many ways. After two years off from the music industry, he returns with a focus on love, family, business and confident awareness of where his brand fits in the sound of music today.

“You can’t ignore the music of today or be solely for it. As an artist, I’ve decided that while I’m paying attention to what’s going on now in music, I’m going to pull from the things that make the days of old great,” shares Ne-Yo. “There isn’t a lot of music out that’s about love and that’s my lane and where I fall in. I’ve always been the love song guy. I’ve always pulled from that place because it will never be a trend or a fad.”

Good Man, scheduled for release in early Summer 2018, will be Ne-Yo’s seventh studio album since his debut album, In My Own Words in 2006. True to his previous catalogue, Good Man is an album that is a reflection of Ne-Yo’s life today as a married man inspired by love with three children and a fourth child on the way.

“My goal with this album is to remind people what it feels like to be in love,” he says. “I want to remind women what it feels like to have a man serenade them and not just about their physical attributes but all the things that make women great. I want to remind men what it is to genuinely love somebody other than themselves for a minute.”

Lincoln Motor Company has partnered with Ne-Yo in a multimedia campaign to highlight the launch of their redesigned luxury flagship SUV, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

“In everything I do and every time people see me, I’m trying to give a sense of class and integrity,” he says. “That’s what Lincoln represents 100%. The new Lincoln Navigator is a classy and upscale vehicle without being ridiculously expensive. It’s the common man’s elegance so to speak. That’s what’s embodied with this partnership.”

This partnership also reflects the evolution of what luxury means today for Ne-Yo as an artist who is writing music from a place of his truth and reality as a family man.

“My definition of luxury has changed a little bit. When I was younger, luxury meant the nicest, most expensive clothes and the largest house. As time progressed and I got older, I’m married with children. Above all else, luxury is comfort. Sometimes the biggest house isn’t always the most comfortable,” he says.

Representing the latest installment in the brand’s Lincoln First Listen music series, which spotlights upcoming tracks by recording artists from behind the wheel of a Lincoln vehicle, Ne-Yo’s collaboration with Lincoln puts the spotlight on the song “Good Man” pairing it with the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

The newly designed Lincoln Navigator features a suite of luxury features that blend innovation with functionality. The premium audio experience for the Lincoln Navigator is powered through a collaboration with renowned home theater speaker manufacturer Revel.

“I don’t know whether a song is complete until I listen to it in a vehicle. That’s where we consume the majority of our music and have the best quality listening experience,” he says. “You can’t feel the full effect of the bass in the music with a speaker on a mobile device or headphones. It has to be played in a system like the Navigator has that allows you to feel it when the sound hits.”

In many ways, Good Man is more than an album title for Ne-Yo and a definitive statement about his aspirations for the next chapter of his life.



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