FedEx Express – Connecting the World through Diversity & Inclusion

by LP Green, II

Since our inception in 1973, FedEx has understood and valued the connection between Diversity & Inclusion, service and innovation. As we’ve stretched and grown over the years, our diverse workforce has worked skillfully and dreamed boundlessly. Our strong commitment to innovation and service has allowed FedEx to change the way the world works. What began more than four decades ago near the banks of the Mississippi River is now a global enterprise stretching across more than 220 countries and territories.

In a time-sensitive and thriving global marketplace, we recognize that talent is our most valuable resource and great ideas come from people throughout our organization. Our 400,000 team members worldwide represent various generations, cultures and communities and they’ve connected around a common theme that is the bedrock of our organization. We call it our People-Service-Profit or “P-S-P” philosophy. Our P-S-P culture is based on the premise that when team members are treated with dignity and respect, they will provide the best service for our customers which increases profits.

As our business has expanded across countries and cultures, our team members have helped build solid relationships with our customers and provided pathways to innovative service solutions.

“Through the lens of FedEx, we see a
diverse world in motion. Across cultures and countries, we’re successfully connecting people and resources through our strategic business initiatives and community outreach programs. Shannon Brown’s distinctive leadership as Senior Vice President and Chief HR and Diversity Officer continues to be a driving force for Diversity & Inclusion.”
– David L. Cunningham, President and CEO, FedEx Express

For example, through the expertise of our diverse teams, we’ve helped pioneer technology-smart methods of transporting materials and managing information. We’ve also broadened our portfolio of services by expanding our network and keeping processes simple for our customers. Every business day, FedEx handles 12 million packages and more of those shipments begin with a tap on a mobile device.

As we’ve changed the way the world works, we’ve continued to attract, train, mentor and promote a multi-cultural team. Our success is also measured by the amount of business we do with women and minority-led firms, as well as our commitment to prepare young people for gainful future careers through such sponsorships as the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, the UNCF, the National Urban League’s Annual Project Ready College Fair, and other outreach programs. Our commitment to improving the quality of life in our communities is further enhanced by our company’s commitment to invest $200 million in more than 200 global communities by 2020.

Additionally, our eight employee resource groups are actively involved with our workforce and the communities we serve. These employee groups, sponsored by our vice presidents’ diversity council, include African-American, Asian, Cancer Support, Hispanic, LGBT & Friends, Multi-Faith, U.S. Military Veterans, and Women’s networks. As a result of our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, we’ve received numerous awards including Savoy Magazine’s “Top Executives in Corporate America,” Fortune Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” and “10 Best Work Places for African-Americans,” Black Enterprise Magazine’s “40 Best Companies for Diversity,” and America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises.

Going forward, FedEx remains committed to keeping the global marketplace thriving and connected – thanks to a diverse and talented global team.

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