Zachary Parker

by Justin Cates
Zachary Parker
President & Chief Executive Officer
DLH Holdings, Inc.

Zachary “Zach” Parker is President and Chief Executive Offi cer of DLH Holdings, Inc.

In this role, Parker has spearheaded three strategic acquisitions during his tenure, expanding DLH’s service portfolio to include a broader range of technology-enabled Federal services and public health capabilities through the integration of Danya International, Inc. in 2016, Social & Scientifi c Systems, Inc. in 2019, and Irving Burton Associates, LLC in 2020.

Prior to joining DLH, Parker held leadership roles within Northrop Grumman Corporation, VT Group and GE Government Services.

Parker is active in both professional and community associations, having served as co-chair of the Department of Defense/Industry Partnership Executive Council, and as a committee leader with National Defense Industry Association and the American Society of Naval Engineers.

Parker is a member of the Washington, D.C.-based Professional Services Council, the Government Affairs Council, and the Veteran Affairs Task Force. In 2002, Parker received the honor of congressional “Business Man of the Year.”

Parker earned his Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from California State University Northridge, specializing in Human Factors Engineering with a minor in Statistics.

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