Windy Lawrence

by Justin Cates
Windy Lawrence
General Counsel & Secretary
Sompo International Holdings, Inc.

Windy Lawrence was appointed General Counsel and Secretary of Sompo International Holdings, Inc. in September 2021.

Prior to joining Sompo International, Lawrence held multiple legal and regulatory leadership roles within the AXA Group. Most recently, she served as the Head of Legal, Corporate and Strategic Transactions for AXA XL and General Counsel of AXA Insurance Company and was responsible for the operational, legal and regulatory integration of the company into AXA XL. She has also led legal and compliance teams supporting life insurance, property and casualty and broker-dealers, including serving as Chief Compliance Officer and Series 24 principal.

Lawrence is active in civic matters, including recent service on the Board of Trustees of The Brooklyn Music School.

Lawrence is dedicated to promoting financial literacy and creating capital for women and other unrepresented social entrepreneurs, as an investor member of Pipeline Angels.

Lawrence is a recipient of the 40 Under Forty Achievement Award by The Network Journal.

Lawrence started her legal career as a corporate associate with Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP. Lawrence received her law degree from Duke University and B.A. from Wellesley College.

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