Will Station

by Justin Cates
Will Station
Senior Vice President, Primary Care Sales, Medical-Surgical

Will Station serves as the Senior Vice President of Primary Care Sales at McKesson Medical-Surgical.

In this role, Will spearheads a dynamic team of over 1,200 account executives and specialists. Under his leadership, this formidable force champions the needs of primary care physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, community hospitals, and laboratories, ensuring they receive unparalleled support and solutions tailored to their unique challenges.

Before ascending to this pivotal role, Will laid a robust foundation as the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Finance. Joining McKesson Medical-Surgical in 2021, he brought a wealth of strategic and financial acumen to the table.

Will led an important merger and acquisition where he leveraged his expertise to conduct due diligence and to seamlessly integrate the acquired entity into McKesson’s corporate structure, ensuring alignment with our overarching business objectives and cultural values.

In addition, Will has held director and treasurer positions for several of our McKesson Medical-Surgical subsidiary businesses.

Will earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, and an Executive MBA degree with an emphasis in International Business from St. Louis University.

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