W.H. (Joe) Knight

by Justin Cates
W.H. (Joe) Knight
Professor of Law
Seattle University School of Law
Serves on Board of Directors for: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

W. H. (Joe) Knight is Professor of Law at the Seattle University School of Law.

In this role, Knight has co-directed a unique, live client transactional clinic in Community Development & Entrepreneurship since 2008.

From 2001 to 2007, Knight served as Dean of the University of Washington School of Law. A strong advocate for educational innovation and academic excellence, Knight provided administrative leadership as the Law School built and moved into a new home, William H. Gates Hall (2003).

As an expert in financial institutions and commercial law, Knight has authored four books and taught at several institutions covering courses including banking, contracts and commercial transactions.

Knight was recently elected to serve as a Trustee of the National University System in La Jolla, California.

Knight holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Speech and Political Science from the University of North Carolina and a Juris Doctor from Columbia University.

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