Vada O. Manager

by LP Green, II
Vada O. Manager
President and CEO
Manager Global Consulting Group
Boards: Valvoline, Helios Education Foundation

Vada O. Manager serves as President & CEO of his own business advisory firm, the Manager Global Consulting Group and is also a Senior Counselor for APCO Worldwide.


In this role, Manager advises global C-Suite executives regarding their product sourcing strategies, brand positioning growth through M&A and also risk/crisis matters.  His work via APCO is within the same business discipline.


Previously,  Manager was Senior Director of Global Issues Management for Nike, Inc. serving on Nike’s Corporate Leadership Team – its senior most and valued global executives.  While an executive with Washington DC consultancy Powell Tate, Manager led a team to South Africa to assist in consulting with the newly elected administration of President Nelson Mandela.


Manager has affiliations with several national and global organizations including: The American Council on Germany, the Helios Education Foundation and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Manager is also a frequent presenter on business strategy and has appeared on CNN, ESPN, ABC’s Nightline and NBC’s “Today Show.”


Manager holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University (and inducted in their Hall of Fame) and has performed graduate work at the London School of Economics.

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