Tameka Alsop

by Justin Cates
Tameka Alsop
Chief Administrative Officer
Moody’s Corporation

Tameka Alsop is the Chief Administrative Officer at Moody’s Corporation and a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

In this role, Alsop leads a range of strategic and operational initiatives that are vital to the company’s success. This includes leading the company’s global enterprise technology and information security teams, helping fortify and uphold business resilience. Tameka also provides strategic oversight for Moody’s service hub locations in Lithuania and Costa Rica and currently leads Moody’s enterprise risk management function on an interim basis.

Alsop has over 20 years of leadership experience, helping drive positive change and business results at Moody’s, including technology solutions in accounting, financial planning & analysis, analytical workflow and ratings surveillance.

Alsop serves on the Trident American Dreams Advisory Board, is a founding member of the Women’s Business Resource Group at Moody’s and is the current global executive sponsor for Moody’s Veterans Business Resource Group.

Alsop is also a key contributor to various diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at the company – this includes serving as executive sponsor for Moody’s CORE initiative.

Alsop holds a B.A. degree from Pennsylvania State University.

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