Robert B. Johnson

by LP Green, II
Robert B. Johnson
Retired Senior Advisor
Porter Novelli PR
Boards: Aflac, Inc.

Robert B. Johnson was Senior Advisor for Porter Novelli PR, one of the world’s leading public relations agencies. In this role, Johnson brought his extensive public relations and diversity expertise to the firm.  Prior to that position, Johnson was Chairman and CEO of the One America Foundation, an organization that promotes dialogue and solidarity among Americans of all races. Prior to this, Johnson served in President Clinton’s White House as an assistant to the President and Director of the President’s initiative for One America.

In 2003, Johnson was named Deputy Chairman by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In this position, Johnson advised the DNC Chairman in many key areas.

Johnson served two years in President Jimmy Carter’s Administration and was one of the 30 staff members to serve the entire eight years in the Clinton White House, achieving the distinction of being one of the longest-serving African Americans in White House history.

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