Netha Johnson

by Edward Cates
Netha Johnson
Division Vice President
3M Company

Netha Johnson is Vice President of the Electrical Markets Division for 3M Company (3M). This business uses existing technologies – and invents new ones – to deliver efficient and reliable energy worldwide. In this role, he is responsible for 3M’s electrical and renewable energy solutions, including providing the latest technologies to modernize the world’s electrical grids. The division has operations in 25 countries, sales in 72 countries and has 60% of its sales outside the U.S.


Previously, Johnson was Division Vice President, Advanced Materials Division at 3M. He was responsible for the Advanced Material division, consisting of three distinct businesses, which provide world-leading, innovative solutions in fluoropolymer chemicals, advanced ceramics and light-weighting materials that enable its customers’ products to work when nothing else will.


Prior to starting his business career, Johnson served as a U.S. Naval Special Operations Officer. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and German. He also serves as a member of the Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Advisory Board.


Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California and a Master’s in Business Administration from Duke University.


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