Mia Mends

by Justin Cates
Mia Mends
Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, CEO, Impact Ventures
Sodexo, Inc.
Serves on Board of Directors for: H&R Block

Mia Mends is Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer of Sodexo, Inc. and CEO, Impact Ventures.

Mends was promoted to this role beginning May 1, 2021. Previously, Mends was the company’s Chief Administrative Officer, North America, leading the productivity and performance of Sodexo’s 160,000 employees who provide more than 100 unique services that improve client solutions at the company’s 13,000 sites. Sodexo provides quality of life services, including dining and meal services, vending and convenience services, integrated facilities management services, and healthier workforce initiatives.

Mends also leads SodexoMAGIC, a joint venture between Sodexo and Magic Johnson Enterprise. She has served in increasing levels of leadership with Sodexo since 2012, overseeing various growth and transformation initiatives for the organization.

Mends holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Wellesley College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School.

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