Keisha Smith-Jeremie

by Justin Cates
Keisha Smith-Jeremie
Chief People Officer
Tory Burch
Serves on Board of Directors for: Unity Software Inc.

Keisha Smith-Jeremie is the Chief People Officer at Tory Burch.

As Chief People Officer at Tory Burch, Smith focuses on driving strategic initiatives to ensure Tory Burch continues to be a highly sought-after destination for global talent. In less than three years, Smith has designed and executed a talent strategy that has enabled the company to deliver against its strategic priorities.

Prior to joining Tory Burch, Smith served as Chief Human Resources Officer of News Corp., the largest news and information services provider in the English-speaking world, and prior to that as Global Co-Head of Talent Management at Morgan Stanley.

Smith-Jeremie serves as a Director for the Eagle Academy Foundation, a charitable organization that provides transformative life outcomes for the lives of young men of color through their all-boys public schools.

Smith-Jeremie holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations from the University of Virginia.

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