K. David Boyer

by LP Green, II
K. David Boyer
Chief Executive Officer
GlobalWatch Technologies, Inc.
Boards: BB and T Corporation

K. David Boyer, Jr. is Chief Executive Officer of GlobalWatch Technologies, Inc. In this role, Boyer heads a leading cyber security, business intelligence consulting, and software engineering firm in the Washington, D.C. area. Previously, Boyer served as a presidential appointee to the U.S. Agency for International Development (“USAID”). As the Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Public-Private Partnerships and Director of Global Development Alliance, Boyer aided in directing the Global Development Alliance’s public-private alliance strategy and led USAID’s efforts to build strategic alliances more efficiently in its 80+ field offices around the world.

Boyer was recognized in 2000 as a “Distinguished Alumni” from Penn State University. In April 2007, Boyer was recognized as the “Alumni of the Year”, and in July 2009 assumed the position of President of the Society of Distinguished Alumni.

Boyer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Science degree in Human Development from Penn State University.

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