Justin Thomas-Copeland

by Justin Cates
Justin Thomas-Copeland
President & Chief Executive Officer
DDB North America

Justin Thomas-Copeland President and Chief Executive Officer, DDB North America.

In his role as DDB North America President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas-Copeland leads a dynamic region – comprised of a connected regional leadership team and offices across the US and Canada. He is leading a transformational shift to infuse creativity with deeper brand and audience insights to help clients generate innovative and revenue-driving business solutions.

For almost 30 years, Thomas-Copeland has worked in the precision and integrated marketing industry across a number of sectors including technology, financial services, automotive, fashion, entertainment, gaming, health and wellness, and pharma.

Thomas-Copeland has launched, grown, and regenerated brands at the intersect of his relentless curiosity of the ever-evolving world of technology, his deep understanding of consumer behavior, and his passion for creativity.

Thomas-Copeland believes that deep insights fuel great creative and the power of diverse teams in business – diversity of background, thought and expertise. Because you can’t make unexpected works with the usual suspects.

Thomas-Copeland holds a BSC HONS in Business Information Systems, has completed his mini MBA.

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