Jewell D. Hoover

by LP Green, II
Jewell D. Hoover
President & Principal
Hoover and Associates, LLC
Boards: Fifth Third Bancorp

Jewell D. Hoover is President and Principal of Hoover and Associates, LLC. Hoover worked at the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) for 28 years prior to starting her own company. Hoover joined the OCC in 1975 as a National Bank Examiner and, at various times, supervised banks in the Northeast and Southeast.

Hoover was Deputy Comptroller of The Comptroller of the Currency. In 1992, Hoover was Assistant Deputy Comptroller of The Comptroller of the Currency and had direct supervisory responsibility for all national banks in North Carolina, South Carolina and parts of Georgia for ten years. Hoover’s last position at the OCC was Deputy District Comptroller for the Western District. Hoover served as a member of the North Carolina Banking Commission.

Hoover holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education from West Virginia State College and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies.

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