James H. Scott

by LP Green, II
James H. Scott
Former Chief Financial Officer
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Boards: Thrivent Financial

James H. Scott was Chief Financial Officer for Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Prior to that, Scott was the Director of Intersections Institute, a graduate theological business
management program. Scott’s focus was on bolstering leadership models within the church

In the corporate arena, Scott was Executive Director- Portfolio Strategist of Morgan Stanley
Investment Management and retired in 2007. Additionally, Scott was Vice President of JP Morgan & Co. and J.P. Morgan Overseas Capital Co.

Scott’s community service includes: Board member, The University of Texas at Austin,
Cockrell School of Engineering. Scott served on a number of mutual fund boards including Morgan Stanley Institutional Funds and Miller Anderson Institutional Funds. Scott was selected to be a prestigious White House Fellow.

Scott has both a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Arts degree from
Villanova University and an MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis.

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