J. Veronica Biggins

by LP Green, II
J. Veronica Biggins
Managing Partner, Atlanta Office
Diversified Search LLC
Boards: Avnet Inc. Southwest Airlines Company

J. Veronica Biggins is a Managing Partner, Atlanta Office for Diversified Search LLC. Biggins has over 15 years of experience as a Senior Partner in Executive Search. Biggins’ background includes 20 years of experience with Nations Bank (now Bank of America). Biggins previously served as Assistant to the President of the United States and Director of Presidential Personnel under President Clinton.


Prior to joining the White House, Biggins was one of the highest ranking women in the banking industry, serving as Executive Vice President for Human Resources for the bank. When Biggins retired as Chairman of the Czech Slovak American Enterprise Fund, she received a “Points of Light Award” from President George W. Bush for her leadership of the Fund. Biggins was recognized by the Board of Directors Network (BDN) for her advocacy of women on corporate boards.

Biggins holds a Bachelor’s degree from Spelman and a Master’s degree from Georgia State University.

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