Gregory J. McCray, III

by LP Green, II
Gregory J. McCray, III
Chief Executive Officer
Aero Communications Inc.
Boards: CenturyLink, Inc.

Gregory J. McCray, III is Chief Executive Officer of Aero Communications, Inc. McCray is an experienced executive with over 20 years of international marketing experience in the communication technology industry. Previously, McCray served as the Chief Executive Officer of ACAL Energy Ltd. McCray also served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Antenova Ltd. Prior to that position, McCray served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Piping Hot Networks Ltd. from December 2000 to February 2002.

McCray served as the Chief Executive Officer of Orthogon Systems LLC. McCray served as President of McCray Consulting, a technology consulting company, from March 2002 to December 2002.

McCray holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering from Purdue University, and Executive Business Programs at the University of Illinois, Harvard, and INSEAD.

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