Felicia Mayo

by Justin Cates
Felicia Mayo
Chief People Officer
Block Inc.

Felicia Mayo is the Chief People Officer at Block Inc., a fintech company.

In this role, Mayo leads the Global People and Talent Organization. With a career spanning Technology, Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Finance, Mayo’s journey has been marked by innovation and transformative leadership.

In her role, Mayo takes a human-centric approach, while seamlessly aligning HR strategies with business goals. Drawing on her rich background in innovation, she has elevated HR and led transformations at Nike, Tesla, Juniper Networks, and Oracle.

Mayo’s impactful leadership was prominent at Nike as Vice President, Global Talent, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, during times of intense social and racial unrest. Prior to Nike, she served as Vice President of Global Human Resources at Tesla, contributing to the company’s mission of accelerating the world to sustainable energy.

Mayo’s journey exemplifies the fusion of technology, products, and leadership in shaping the future of corporate America. In 2023, the 4As Foundation presented Mayo with the Fueling Equitable Futures Award, emphasizing her significant contributions to People, Leadership and Culture.

Mayo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from North Carolina State University.

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