Ed Dandridge

by Justin Cates
Ed Dandridge
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Ed Dandridge is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of AIG, a leading global insurance organization.

AIG member companies provide insurance solutions that help businesses and individuals in approximately 70 countries and jurisdictions protect their assets and manage risks.

A member of AIG’s Executive Leadership Team, Ed leads the global teams that shape AIG’s reputation and global brand in the marketplace and support AIG’s businesses to help strategically position them for continued growth and profitability.

Ed’s track record encompasses more than 30 years of leadership experience, often joining large enterprises at critical points to reshape their market positioning and reputation among key stakeholders.

Ed’s career has spanned law, public affairs, political consulting, marketing and strategy with C-level roles at AIG, Boeing, Disney, Marsh McLennan and Nielsen.

A member of the President’s Advisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Ed is the Chair of the Susan G. Komen Board of Directors and a Director of the Executive Leadership Council.

Ed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University, with honors, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

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