Donald Remy

by LP Green, II
Donald Remy
Executive Vice President, Law, Policy & Governance, Chief Legal Officer
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Donald M. Remy is Executive Vice President of Law, Policy & Governance and Chief Legal Officer at the NCAA.


In this role, Remy serves as a key legal, policy and strategic advisor to the NCAA president, members of the senior management group, and the divisional governance cabinets, committees and boards. Remy manages and oversees the NCAA’s staff that supports the legal, government relations, governance, infractions, appeals, research and sport science programs.


Further, Remy specifically is responsible for guiding an efficient governance structure for Divisions I, II and III, assuring proper adjudication of infractions and assessing the NCAA’s immediate and long-term legal challenges and needs. Remy guides key litigation and contract negotiations while building and maintaining productive relationships with local and national policymakers.


Remy is involved in crafting and advocating appropriate data-driven policy positions on various issues including academics, amateurism, athletics competition and health and safety while ensuring his reporting departments are servicing and supporting student-athletes, the NCAA and member institutions.


Remy holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Louisiana State University and a juris doctorate

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