Cheryl Mickel

by Edward Cates
Cheryl Mickel
Head of the U.S. Taxable Low Duration Team
T. Rowe Price

Cheryl Mickel is a portfolio manager in the Fixed Income Division and Head of the U.S. Taxable Low Duration Team and a member of the Fixed Income Steering Committee at T. Rowe Price. In this role, she oversees the Synthetic Investment Contract Committee and specializes in managing synthetic guaranteed investment contract portfolios for the Stable Value team.


Mickel also manages short- to intermediate-duration and immunized portfolios. She serves on the Board of T. Rowe Price Trust Company. She is a Vice President of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc., and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.


Mickel has 28 years of investment experience, all of which have been at T. Rowe Price. She joined the firm in 1989, and her early responsibilities included trading across an array of fixed income markets, including high-grade corporates, mortgages and structured products as well as foreign currencies. Mickel became a Taxable Portfolio Manager in 1997.


Mickel holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Baltimore and a Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola University Maryland. She also has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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