Barry Lawson Williams

by LP Green, II
Barry Lawson Williams
Williams Pacific Ventures, Inc.
Boards: CH2M Hill Companies LTD, Navient Corporation

Barry Lawson Williams is the Founder of Williams Pacific Ventures, Inc. Williams has had an extensive career in management consulting and investments.

Previously, Williams was a General Partner of WDG Ventures. Williams also served as the
President of C.N. Flagg Power Inc. and as Managing Principal of Bechtel Investments, Inc., and worked at McKinsey & Company. Williams also taught at the U. C. Berkeley Haas Graduate School of Business and worked as a mediator at Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services.

Williams has served as President of the Harvard Alumni Association, Director of the Harvard Business School, and an Overseer of Harvard University.Williams established, at Mercy College in New York, a scholarship in his mother’s name for the training of teachers in urban areas. Williams was honored with the Harvard Medal and the Mercy College Trustee’s Award.

Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government, an MBA and Juris Doctor from Harvard University.

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