Experience an Exotic Getaway at Turks & Caicos Islands

by Todd Gross

Whether you are interested in the amazing tourist accommodations at the main tourist center of Providenciales, the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the North and Middle Caicos or the historical attributions of the Capital Island of Grand Turk, your needs are guaranteed to be accommodated at the Turks and Caicos Islands.

One favorite past time of many guests who visit the islands is bird watching. The Turks and Caicos Islands are equipped with salt ponds and inland marshes that serve as excellent feeding grounds for resident and migratory birds. During a gander, guests often spot Great Blue Herons, Flamingos, Osprey and Pelicans alongside Egrets, Terns, Frigates, Boobies and other water birds. 170 species of birds can be found on the islands. The islands staggering variety of species have been pictured in photographs that have been published across the world.

In addition to this, tourists also have the opportunity to visit Cheshire Hall, one of the key historic attractions on Providenciales. The 200 year-old ruins of this former cotton plantation compliment its modern day Provo, as the island
is locally called, backdrop, and serves as a striking ambiance. Carefully preserved by the National Trust, the building ruins offer spectacular views of the island. The plantation was originally owned by Thomas Stubbs; he was a man who left England and moved to Providenciales in the early 19th century. He named his plantation Cheshire Hall after his home county. The plantations upheld for about 30 years before soil exhaustion, drought and the hurricane in
1812 destroyed them.

Not only does the islands offer amazing natural and historical attractions, but guests are also afforded the opportunity to partake in many water activities such as kayaking. Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of Grand Turk as they kayak to Madison Point where they can then explore the coast on foot. Visitors often enjoy taking in the beauty and tranquility of nature as they paddle down the shallow waters surrounded by mangroves in a two-person glass bottom kayak, as well as exploring small coves and learning about the importance of mangroves. The transparent bottom of the kayak will allow you to see the marine life that lives beneath your feet in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. An eco-adventure walk along the coastline is also an option.

Also, the islands are known for their wonderful seafood, especially conch. Visitors can explore the history, the life cycle and the importance of the Queen Conch on a guided tour of the only conch farm. Guests also have the opportunity to taste the delectable delicacy at the farm.

Although it’s always great to get an opinion on a location before you visit, the only true way to experience the Turks and Caicos Islands is to experience each island in the entire chain. The Turks and Caicos Islands is a wonderful vacation spot that is guaranteed to leave it’s visitors satisfied, which is probably why most of the visitors come back to the Turks and Caicos on a regular basis.

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