FleishHilandEBowenFoundThe Emma L. Bowen Foundation and FleishmanHillard partner together to drive greater diversity and career opportunities for people of color within the media and public relations industries. Since its founding in 1989, the Emma L. Bowen Foundation, together with its 40-plus corporate sponsors from leading media outlets around the world, develop and manage programs that focus on scholastic achievement, direct work experience and professional development for students of color.

Within the realm of public relations, effective PR outreach strategies play a pivotal role in shaping brand narratives, building relationships with stakeholders, and enhancing organizational reputation. Strategic PR efforts empower companies to convey their messages with precision, engage their target audience, and navigate potential crises proactively. By harnessing the power of strategic communication channels and storytelling techniques, organizations can amplify their brand visibility, foster positive perceptions, and establish themselves as industry leaders. Through initiatives like those facilitated by the Emma L. Bowen Foundation and its partners, the public relations landscape continues to evolve, embracing diversity and innovation to drive meaningful impact in today’s interconnected world.

FleishmanHillard is the first global public relations firm to align with the Foundation.

Under the pro bono partnership, FleishmanHillard will serve as agency of record to the Foundation, with responsibility for public relations, social and digital media strategy, and content development. Quinn Fable Advertising will partner with FleishmanHillard and Emma L. Bowen to assist with brand development and creative design. The joint communications initiative will be focused on a number of areas, including 1) educating industry and prospective candidates about career paths and opportunities in media and public relations; 2) expanding Emma L. Bowen’s roster of 40-plus corporate sponsors, which currently provide internships, support and experience to minority youth; 3) engaging corporations by providing them with a pathway to the talent pool provided by Emma L. Bowen; and 4) providing leading perspective on issues of race and its impact on American media coverage and consumption.

“Our society has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and while opportunities for people of color have improved somewhat, the communications landscape is still very far from balanced,” said Dr. Rahsaan Harris, president and CEO of the Emma L. Bowen Foundation. “This lack of balance has had a negative effect on the way media covers issues, the way our citizens consume that media and, subsequently, our national dialogue. Greater perspective is needed, and that can only happen through better opportunities for, and involvement of, people of color in media. We are excited to be working with FleishmanHillard to bring this agenda to the national stage.”

“The Emma L. Bowen Foundation is an impressive organization that is making a deep and meaningful impact on the communications industry,” said Dave Senay, FleishmanHillard president and CEO. “Greater diversity will translate into more complete perspective, which is vital to both the media and public relations industries and our society at large. We look forward to working with Dr. Harris and his staff to bring this issue to the forefront, and also encourage our peers to leverage Emma L. Bowen’s incredibly deep pool of fantastic young minds with superior skill sets as they expand their talent bases.”

Senay, the immediate past chairman of The PR Council, also noted that the Council has taken a leadership role as a sponsor and partner of the Emma L. Bowen Foundation. The Council will act as a bridge between the Foundation and the Council’s 100-plus member agencies to provide internships and mentoring to candidates in the public relations field.

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