State Farm Promotes Kristyn Cook to Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer

by State Farm

Kristyn Cook will step into the CMO role at the start of the new year. Cook is a former State Farm agent and has also been instrumental in reshaping the State Farm marketing strategy, expanding beyond traditional media and historically targeted demographics. Her work bridged the legacy State Farm brand into digital platforms like the metaverse, gaming and TikTok to better reach Gen Z and Millennial markets.

“I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside Rand for the past three years and will continue to build on the impactful work we accomplished in our time together,” said Cook. “My connection to State Farm runs deep. My father was an agent, I opened my own State Farm agency 15 years ago, and I’m thrilled to step into my new role as Chief Agency, Sales and Marketing Officer.”

“State Farm is represented by 19,500 agent offices across the country. It’s been my honor to lead this agency force and to move our brand forward,” said Rand Harbert. “I’m pleased to pass the torch to Kristyn, who has been by my side playing a pivotal role in some of our biggest marketing and agency decisions. I have no doubt she will continue to exemplify what it means to be a good neighbor.”

Rand Harbert is retiring after 12 years of being the Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer for State Farm.

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