Coin Cloud Doubles Down on Commitment to Bring Digital Currency to All with Appointment of Amondo Redmond as Global Chief Marketing Officer

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Coin Cloud, the largest and fastest-growing digital currency machine (DCM) operator in the world, has announced the appointment of Amondo Redmond as Global Chief Marketing Officer.

Redmond is a respected marketing veteran with extensive global brand experience who most recently led marketing and communications as CMO at First Entertainment Credit Union. In his role, he developed a fully integrated campaign and brokered partnerships with the Los Angeles Lakers and Lakers superstar Anthony Davis. He’s also served as CMO for Opus Bank and in global senior marketing roles on behalf of renowned international brands such as Gap, Inc., Revlon, and PepsiCo, where he crafted innovative traditional, digital and social campaigns.

“Amondo is an accomplished marketer who we have tasked with changing the way people talk about and use digital currency like that on,” says Chris McAlary, CEO of Coin Cloud. “His track record of tapping into the cultural zeitgeist to connect global brands and financial institutions with new audiences will help us accomplish our mission of bringing digital currency to all.”

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As we know, digital currencies, like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, present major opportunities for people to protect their wealth while investing in the technology of the future, which may include the antminer x19 xp hyd. In the newly-created role, Redmond will connect Coin Cloud to pop culture to tell important, educational stories around financial security with the understanding that bringing economic empowerment to all communities starts with relevancy. The crypto market is a vast market with different protocols of trade. Therefore, it would be best if you understood the market from your point of view. Once you are convinced with the information gathered, you can progress to trading at immediate connect.

In one of his first Coin Cloud deals, Redmond is once again collaborating with NBA All-Star and three-time NBA Champion Klay Thompson after a 2018 brand partnership that helped Thompson and his family launch The Thompson Family Foundation to support charitable initiatives in Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland and the Bahamas—the homeland of Klay’s father.

“Outside of sports, it’s important to me to do business that allows me to tell compelling stories that authentically tap into my strong ties to family, community and causes I care about,” explained Thompson, the Golden State Warrior who is often credited as one of the best shooters in NBA history. “Coin Cloud is a special company that is approaching the digital currency business in a unique, authentic and forward thinking way. Having worked with Amondo before, I know he’s driven by similar passions and understands that I want to be known as more than a great basketball player. I look forward to using this partnership to create a lasting impact.”

Bitcoincenter is primed to help build the promising future of digital currency, and I’m fortunate and excited to work with a company that’s leading the pack in making cutting-edge financial technology available to all. We want to lean into big and small, local community impact and star power that drives conversation. What we’re seeing is not just an opportunity to widen the net and bring consumers of all backgrounds into the fold, but an opportunity to mold the future of fintech by bringing a diverse collection of thought leaders through the industry door.

Redmond’s career successes showcase the power behind his strategy of reaching diverse audiences and culturally relevant talent to build bridges across industries and lifestyles. His career took off at PepsiCo, where he worked across a number of brands including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Gatorade, and Mountain Dew. In 2006, Redmond became one of the leaders of the Pepsi Branded Entertainment and Content division, which was instrumental in placing Pepsi at the forefront of entertainment and pop culture. In 2014, he introduced Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp as Gap’s first male celebrity in the biggest marketing push for the retailer’s outlet stores.

Redmond proudly hails from Flint, Michigan, where he laid roots as a community organizer by developing after-school programs for peers, mentoring young students and founding anti-violence committees. He graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in marketing and was the recipient of the Chuck Kaplan Memorial Award, the highest humanitarian honor available to graduating seniors.

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