CodeBoxx Technology appoints Meg Charles as Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer to Accelerate Growth

by cdawkins

CodeBoxx, the creator of a proprietary 16-week coding bootcamp and Digital Solutions provider, appoints Meg Charles, as a Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer to accelerate growth in the US. CodeBoxx, the fastest growing technology bootcamp in  North America, is dedicated to creating a business ready pool of local technology talent and closing the diversity and inclusivity gap in the tech sector by actively recruiting and training  people of color, women, high school and college dropouts, veterans, among others into its program. CodeBoxx graduates only pay tuition after securing a job, either with a third-party placement or with its Digital Solutions business unit, which provides digital transformation solutions to technology-enabled businesses like Lucky Brand, Telus and Vivino. CodeBoxx also partners with start-ups to design and build the technology solutions to turn their business ideas to reality.

Currently, only 26% of computer related jobs are held by women, with African Americans and LatinX workers representing a mere 9% and 8% of the computer related work force, respectively. Meg, an experienced angel investor, global corporate attorney and executive, is charged with leveraging CodeBoxx’s unique blend of hard coding and soft skills program design to create a diverse and inclusive pipeline of software developers prepared to contribute to the workforce on day 1.

“What Meg brings to the table for CodeBoxx in terms of vision and experience is invaluable. But most of all, we were fortunate enough that she came to us because she was inspired by our ability to turn individuals from various backgrounds, with little or no coding experience into operational and valued developers able to deliver for real businesses. We’re glad that Meg saw in us an agent of change worth taking to the next level,” says Nicolas Genest, Founder and CEO of CodeBoxx.

Reflecting on her decision to join CodeBoxx, Meg says “from our very first conversation, it was clear that, informed by his experience as an active CTO, Nicolas has a unique perspective on how to address the shortage of skilled tech talent and the massive number of people being left behind in the evolving tech landscape. By unbundling technology education to focus on actionable skills and competencies, CodeBoxx is addressing three key challenges of the tech sector: quantity, quality and inclusivity. I am very excited to help bring this vision into reality across the US”. CodeBoxx will open at least 3 campuses in 2021, starting with Tampa Bay, Fl., currently open for registration, with New York City and Philadelphia to follow.


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