“CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER” – The Fountain Of Youth Fitness Program from Super Trainer Amoila Cesar

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The Beachbody Company, Inc., the leader in the category of Health Esteem, with effective fitness, nutrition and positive mindset content, continues to innovate home fitness solutions with a new program from celebrity Super Trainer Amoila Cesar called “CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER.” The program is now available with purchase, and an existing BODi Fitness membership, at ChopWoodCarryWater.com.

Named for the Zen proverb reinforcing patience and consistent repetition that leads to mastery, CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER is not just a fitness program; it’s a transformative journey for individuals of all fitness levels. This holistic approach focuses on improving strength and mobility, aiming to build agility, power, and stability. The program goes beyond traditional exercise routines, striving to reduce aches and pains while unlocking a freedom of movement that might make you feel as though you’ve achieved the physical prowess of a teenage athlete. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER is your pathway to personal growth and, dare I say, a potential key to unlocking your personal trainer certification aspirations.

This program’s core philosophy revolves around building strength while mastering functional moves that replicate real-life actions, empowering participants to find renewed vitality in their regular day-to-day tasks. Based on the results of multiple test groups, as users progress through the program they surprise themselves with how quickly their bodies can improve and adapt, returning to the mobility and ability to function with a shocking renewal of strength, and pain-free control of their movement.

CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER is a collection of 20 workouts that build strength and agility. By combining 7 different formats – whether focusing on a specific muscle group, full body, recovery, or diving into the full Primal Movement Flow – the 25-40-minute workouts are organized into three different schedule options: four-day, five-day and six-day a week. Participants can choose the cadence that works for their individual lifestyle needs and schedules.

“Primal movements have become a core principle in my health journey and an amazing tool in how I train my clients, whether they’re NBA superstars or regular folks looking for their own fountain of youth, and I have designed this program to reflect the importance of the mind-body connection that they project,” said Amoila Cesar, BODi Super Trainer. “After years of bodybuilding and weight-lifting, and now three years of practicing primal movements – everyone knows I’m a firm believer in functional training – and with mixing the two, I have never felt a greater sense of focus, clarity and connection to my body. CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER represents the habits and rituals on which I center my day: repetition and the pursuit of mastery. Everyone can and should do these workouts to feel stronger. I am beyond thrilled to share these experiences with others, and to help them build better lives and bodies while discovering new power within themselves.”

The CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER program is available for VIP Early Access with a Fitness membership at ChopWoodCarryWater.com.

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