Championing Diversity in our Workplace, the Marketplace and our Community

by LP Green, II

Championing diversity in the corporate world matters on many levels, but particularly as it allows for fresh viewpoints and new ways of looking at things that can be a catalyst for creativity and innovation. At Lincoln Financial Group, striving for inclusion of different perspectives in all areas allows the organization the ability to grow and deliver on its promise to help customers secure their financial futures.

Diversity at Lincoln Financial is not just a practice, but a strategic focus for the organization’s relationships with current and prospective employees, customers and communities.“While diversity and inclusion is a critical part of our recruiting and talent strategy, our initiatives go well beyond our workplace,” said Allison Green, Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer. “Diversity helps drive our vision and spur creativity around our company’s presence in the marketplace and within our community.”

At Lincoln Financial, demonstrating and measuring success in diversity and inclusion is fundamental within our business practices, and this is accomplished through a series of key outcomes. One of these outcomes, ensuring engagement in diverse markets, helps enhance the organization’s presence in the marketplace. For example, every element of Lincoln Financial’s Responsibility of Love campaign was designed to connect with consumers in a personal and relatable way. The diverse stories, visuals and people that are highlighted as part of the campaign portray real and memorable moments that refl all communities. In addition, Lincoln is further engaging with diverse markets within several lines of business by applying learnings from a recent study conducted around women, multicultural and multigenerational markets.

Another key outcome, integrating the workplace and market- place, was actualized with the launch of an integrated, business- wide education and empowerment campaign that helps women take charge of their personal and financial futures. By providing the education, tools and tips women need to achieve their goals through this campaign, Lincoln Financial is striving to help consumers make informed choices about their finances, empower our advisors to better reach the market, and offer professional development for employees to grow their careers.

Lincoln Financial also remains committed to the advancement of women and people of color, which is another key measurement outcome. Over the past six years, women and minority executives and general populations have reflected positive change year-over-year at Lincoln Financial, and as a result, the organization is proud to exceed industry benchmarks with our population.

Having these measurements in place underscores Lincoln Financial’s commitment to diversity and inclusion at every level of the organization and for all 9,500 employees.“Diversity and Inclusion at Lincoln Financial is not a program, an initiative or the ‘right thing to do.’ Instead, it is an imperative woven within every facet of our business,” said Dennis Glass, President & CEO, Lincoln Financial Group. Glass recently joined more than fifty other business leaders across a variety of industries in signing the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, a measurable, action-oriented commitment to unify the business community around advancing dialogue on issues of race and creating more inclusive workplaces, furthering Lincoln’s commitment to diversity inside and outside the workplace.

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