Business Strategist Theodore Henderson Joins the New York Public Library’s Money Matters Series: Learn the Ins and Outs of Building a Small Business in Six Sessions

by LP Green, II

Bestselling author and business expert Theodore Henderson provides the key ingredients to building a successful small business in his six-session series directed at entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. Conducted at The New York Public Library, the sessions are on Tuesday evenings in May and June.

In partnership with McGraw Hill Financial, The New York Public Library is sponsoring a financial series called “Money Matters.” As part of the series, Theodore Henderson, an expert in the area of leadership and management as well as an authority on cybersecurity, is conducting six sessions that focus on the details of establishing and managing a small business. Beginning with the essentials of becoming a business owner in the initial class, entitled “What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur,” the topics progress to sessions on the correct ways to choose and market a small business. The remaining three sessions, “Understanding the Numbers”, “Putting It All Together,” and “Presenting Your Business Plan with Power and Confidence” are on May 26, 2015, June 2, 2015 and June 8, 2015, respectively.

In “Understanding the Numbers,” Theodore Henderson explores small-business finances, from cash flow to profits, while “Putting It All Together” is designed to guide entrepreneurs in developing a well-constructed business plan.

With an overall goal of helping entrepreneurs become more financially literate and informed investors while protecting themselves from fraud and other financially detrimental actions, Theodore Henderson devised each session as a means to educate the general public as well. As Mr. Henderson says, “This is a tremendous opportunity to partner with the NYPL and McGraw Hill Financial to deliver information and strategies on entrepreneurship and small business to an audience . . . that is looking to transform their lives.” The information he provides ensures sound business practices that can have a transformative effect on a business owner’s financial life.

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