Boeing Names Ted Colbert President and CEO, Boeing Defense, Space & Security

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Boeing  announced Ted Colbert as president and chief executive officer of its Defense, Space and Security business. Colbert succeeds Leanne Caret who is retiring following nearly 35 years of exceptional service with The Boeing Company. Stephanie Pope has been appointed as president and CEO of Boeing Global Services (BGS), succeeding Colbert.

“We are grateful for Leanne’s dedicated service and I’d like to thank her for her outstanding contributions to our industry, our customers, our company and our employees over her extraordinary career at Boeing,” said Dave Calhoun, Boeing President and CEO.

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As president and CEO of Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS), Colbert will oversee all aspects of the company’s business unit that provides technology, products and solutions for defense, government, space, intelligence, and security customers worldwide. BDS had 2021 revenue of $26 billion.

“Throughout his career, Ted Colbert has consistently brought technical excellence and strong and innovative leadership to every position he has held,” said Calhoun. “Under his leadership, BGS has assembled an excellent leadership team focused on delivering safe and high-quality services for our defense and commercial customers. His leadership track record and current experience supporting the defense services portfolio ideally position Ted to lead BDS.”

Ted Colbert Biography

Ted Colbert joined Boeing in 2009 and has been serving as president and CEO of Boeing Global Services, where he has been responsible for leading the company’s aerospace services development and delivery model for commercial, government and aviation industry customers worldwide, focusing on global supply chain and parts distribution, aircraft modifications and maintenance, digital solutions, aftermarket engineering, analytics and training. Prior to that role, he served as chief information officer (CIO) and senior vice president of Information Technology & Data Analytics. In 2022, The Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) named Colbert Black Engineer of the Year, the organization’s top honor. Colbert completed the Dual Degree Engineering Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Morehouse College with degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Interdisciplinary Science.

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