AT&TAT&T’s passion for diversity and inclusion dates back to its founding: Alexander Graham Bell’s historic first call to Thomas Watson in 1876 was rooted in his interest in elocution and speech as a result of living with his mother and wife, both of whom were deaf.

In fact, the company’s entire 139-year history of innovation is a story about people from all walks of life and backgrounds coming together to improve the human condition. It is this diverse and inclusive culture that welcomes all points of view – making AT&T what it is: a great place to work, a desired business partner and a committed member of the communities it serves. AT&T lives and breathes this way of life every day; its employees expect it, and its customers and shareowners benefit from it.

“We’re an incredibly diverse company,” said Cynthia Marshall, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer-Human Resources. “We recognize all differences – from race, gender, sexual orientation and religion to perspectives, physical and mental abilities, experiences and outlooks. We’re proud of what makes us unique, and we celebrate it.”

At AT&T, diversity is more than the right thing to do – it’s imperative to compete in the global marketplace. That’s because its customers span the globe and represent every demographic group in the world. The company serves them best when its workforce represents them. And as AT&T transitions to lead in a mobile, video-centric world, its success depends on the diversity of its skilled, highly trained team and the different ideas brought to the table.

AT&T’s all-in commitment to diversity and inclusion starts with attracting talent and then builds on it with numerous management development programs and employee engagement opportunities. The company also makes a special effort to inspire at-risk high school students to graduate and realize the power and marketability of a STEM career.

AT&T is a perennial Top 10 winner of awards for diversity and inclusion. But as proud as it is of its accolades, the final judges of its commitment to an inclusive culture is its employees. In each of its companywide Employee Engagement Surveys the past five years, employees have ranked AT&T’s commitment to diversity higher than any other item – with nearly 90 percent favorability ratings. And total membership of AT&T’s 12 employee resource groups and seven employee networks has topped 100,000 – an increase of more than 1,000 percent the past five years.

“We have built an outstanding track record on diversity and inclusiveness and are proud of the widespread recognition we have received in this important area,” said Randall Stephenson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Inc. “Our commitment to diversity and inclusion at AT&T is about being the best, most innovative company we can be. When you attract and retain the best people and seek out diverse backgrounds and experiences, you position yourself for sustainable success. That’s why we embrace diversity throughout our company and our supply chain.”

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