Allstate and Chef G. Garvin Team Up to Encourage Everyone to “Give It Up For Good” This Summer

by LP Green, II

This summer, Allstate is proud to announce its second year of the “Give It Up For Good” campaign, and celebrate the remarkable stories and acts of good within our local communities.

Launched in 2013, the national campaign shines a spotlight on the heartwarming stories of good – giving back to the community, unexpected good deeds, and unsung local heroes – taking place every day. In addition, the “Give It Up For Good” campaign encourages everyone to find simple ways to do good and then share those stories to inspire even more good.

“When you turn on the TV or read the newspaper, the bad news always seems to outweigh the good, so last year we decided to do something about it,” said Georgina Flores, vice president of marketing for Allstate. “It has been so inspiring to witness the encouraging stories and local community heroes brought to the spotlight through the ‘Give It Up For Good’ program over the past year, and we look forward to continuing the movement by encouraging even more people, organizations and communities to get involved this summer.”

To help spread the word about the “Give It Up For Good” movement, Allstate has teamed with TV host and celebrity chef Gerry “G.” Garvin, who has his own story of good to share. In 2009, Garvin created the One Bite Foundation, a platform to inspire others in the area of culinary arts and address issues such as child obesity, domestic violence, homelessness and hunger. In addition, Garvin also developed Chef G. Garvin’s Culinary Boot Camp, a mentoring program designed to teach and encourage healthy habits.

“I have always placed a high value on giving back, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Allstate on a program that not only highlights the stories of good already happening, but also motivates others to join in on the movement,” said Garvin. “Doing good and giving back is something everyone can rally around, and I can’t wait to see what inspiring stories we uncover this summer.”

Allstate and Garvin are encouraging individuals to submit stories, tweets, videos and pictures of the good happening in their communities via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #GiveItUpForGood. Additionally, at the center of the “Give It Up For Good” campaign is an online platform that highlights user-generated stories, tweets, videos and photos, as well as news articles that focus on all the good things happening within the community every day. Visit to share stories of service and learn about others contributing to the greater good.

For more information, including daily motivational quotes, inspirational stories and tips on simple ways to spread the good, follow @GiveItUpForGood on Twitter.

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