MUFG navigates a clear path MUFG navigates a clear path

The Continuous Journey toward Inclusion and Diversity

It always amazes me how lucky I am to be part of a global bank such as MUFG that not only values inclusive behaviors but also diversity of thought in the United States, across the Americas and around the globe. Our emphasis is on putting the former into active practice, which is one reason we have renamed our efforts “Inclusion & Diversity” – I&D – as opposed to the typical D&I.

Our organization is committed to focusing on “moments that matter.” These are moments that start with a hiring strategy that includes bringing in a diverse slate of candidates with proven skillsets, followed by an onboarding experience that fosters understanding of the company’s vision and values.

As an employee progresses throughout his or her career, the company follows a continuum of looking at key “moments,” such as development opportunities and promotions, through an I&D lens to ensure that each person has an equal opportunity to grow and be recognized for their contributions. This is one way we create inclusion across the bank in alignment with our strategy.
MUFG’s I&D team has made great strides in the past year focusing on seven key areas:

• Leadership, Accountability, and Governance
• Data Analysis and Reporting
• Education and Development
• Engagement/Enterprise Resource Groups
• Branding and Communication
• Acquisition and Retention
• Partnerships and Community Outreach

These key areas touch every aspect of the business in one way or another. The most recent progress has been in the growth of our Leadership Committee for Inclusion and Diversity (LCID). The LCID is chaired by our CEO and Chief Human Resources Officer, and each business unit head, to oversee and execute the I&D strategy. With support and consultation from the I&D team, each business unit has their own diversity council focusing on the overarching objectives of the company and their own specific areas of opportunity.

For the diversity councils to identify I&D gaps and create effective plans, they must have good data. As a team, we monitor trends in line with our “moments that matter,” including current state, hiring, promotions, and turnover. Each business unit can now track how their trends compare to overall company results on a quarterly basis. The idea is to monitor gender parity, percentages of minorities in senior level positions, and feeder pools for advancement, while lessening biases in decision-making through enhanced education and awareness.

At the heart of our I&D program are seven Enterprise Resource Groups (ERGs). These ERGs took on new meaning and purpose last year when we changed them from “employee” resource groups to “enterprise” resources groups to focus on the benefit to business performance created through engaged leaders and members. Each spring, we bring all of the ERG chairs and co-chairs together for a Leader Summit, allowing them to receive specialized training, hear from the bank’s leadership, and plan events and initiatives for the upcoming year.

To create a truly inclusive program, collaboration occurs across our region as well as by working closely with our global peers. This past October, MUFG held a Global Diversity and Inclusion Forum in London drawing HR practitioners from around the company in discussion of synergies, best practices, executive support, education, and how best to partner to achieve common goals. Talent development, data analysis, ERGs, education, and the business case for I&D emerged as common themes for continued discussion.

By no means does our team have everything figured out; however, the past year has been a critical one in building a sustainable I&D infrastructure for MUFG thanks to the support of our CEO, CHRO, and Head of Talent Development. None of this would be possible without the dedication of the I&D team: Lori Nickel, Sr. Diversity Consultant, Melissa Escalera, Diversity Consultant, and Marcella King, Program Specialist. The journey will continue.

Mike Sebring serves as Head of Inclusion and Diversity for the Americas at MUFG.

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