Intentional Inclusion at FCB Intentional Inclusion at FCB

Our work as a fully integrated marketing communications company with a heritage of creativity since 1873 is based on an ever-evolving and deeply developed understanding of different peoples, cultures, diversified local markets and global cultures. With more than 8,000 people in 109 operations in 80 countries, our focus at FCB is creating consumer behavior to benefit our clients, people and society.

To be successful, we must constantly evolve, and know that our learning is Never Finished. This is true of every facet of our company, from our creative work to our organizational structure, to our learning and development efforts. We know that we can only understand and affect consumer behavior when we first understand ourselves and our own behavior. And, in this, we must be intentional.

At FCB, we have launched a global Culture & Inclusion initiative designed for this purpose. The foundation of our C&I effort is education about the importance of implicit bias, or attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner. Bias is a human condition, and it operates largely from our unconscious minds, making it difficult to address. Neuroscience demonstrates, however, that we have the ability to re-wire our brains and become more conscious about biases we hold and, therefore, counteract them by creating new behaviors. We have conducted “Intentional Inclusion” workshops with our staff around the world so that we know how to combat our biases and keep them from impacting our employment decisions and creative products.

We are proud of our work. From the creative standpoint, for example, our London, FCB Inferno office produced “This Girl Can,” which embraced women of all ethnicities and all body types, sending the message that we should not let fear of judgment about appearance interfere with women’s pursuit of sport or exercise.

We also take pride in the strides we’ve made with regard to our structure and workforce. For example, our office in South Africa is majority Black-owned since 2015, and now over 30% Black female–owned. At the network level, our global executive team is 40% female, including our Global Chief Creative Officer, in an industry known for a dearth of women leaders in its creative ranks.

This is not the end, but part of FCB’s continuing evolution.  As always, we are Never Finished.

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