2016 Olympian Tori Bowie: How Fast Is FAST!? 2016 Olympian Tori Bowie: How Fast Is FAST!?

When many people associate speed with an object they automatically think of a super-charged sports car or motorcycle, a jet plane, a bullet fired from a gun or something else known for an explosive outburst. However, what many don’t think of until they see her in action is Tori Bowie, the 2016 Olympic TRIPLE medal winner in track & field.

Bowie, the small town country girl from Sand Hill-Rankin County, Mississippi is fast on an entirely different level. Whether she can chase down and snatch a rabbit on the move by the ears or run neck and neck with a cheetah remains to be seen, however, the fact is this ‘Mississippi Princess’ made an undeniable statement to the world that she is without question one of the top track athletes on the planet today.

The late boxing-civil rights icon Muhammad Ali once stated that he was “so fast that he turned off the light switch in his hotel room and was in the bed before the room was dark.” While Tori Bowie has yet to achieve that feat, she has indeed left the mouths of people wide open with amazement after etching her name in the history books on her way to winning not one medal in the Rio Olympics, not two medals, but three in three different track events (gold in the 4×100 meter relay, silver in the 100 meter & bronze in the 200 meter).

A University of Southern Mississippi grad who gained the attention of such rising figures in the fashion world like Stella McCartney, and who was tapped by McCartney to be the face of her new SS16 (Spring/Summer 2016 Collection) partnership with the Adidas line, Tori Bowie is turning heads from track stadiums to runways of fashionistas. Corporate America has even got the ‘Bowie bug’ as a growing number of companies have began to express interest in becoming affiliated with her rising brand. Currently, several major projects are in development involving this flashing figure whose athleticism has been compared to the running game’s legends like Florence Griffith-Joyner.

However, if they expect to keep pace with this energetic woman they might want to consider moving at the speed of light, or risk missing out on one of the greatest new sports personalities of the present generation because this marketing magnet is on the move!

  • K. Shelton

    September 21, 2016 #1 Author

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see more of her in the media.

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